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Workshop - Chakra Psychology for Everyday Life

Chakra Psychology for Everyday Life

A workshop to kick-start the exploration into your energy, or pranic body. Enabling one to go deeper in yogic practice and take the wisdom of these fascinating 8 energy centers into everyday life. Whirling Wonders is a 3-hour Introduction to the Chakras, in order to initiate an exploration journey of these wonderful wells of knowledge within oneself. The pranic body - the home the Chakras - is a vast subject primarily because each and every aspect of who one is - physically, emotionally, and mentally can be attributed to the balance or imbalance of a chakra(s) within the body. The workshop covers the basic characteristics and functions of each chakra, including but not limited to:

· What each chakra “looks like” in its personality both in potential, balanced, and shadow properties as well as deficient and excessive states;

· What emotions and mental qualities are expressed within the frequency of each chakra;

· Which Asanas (physical yoga postures) stimulate and open each energy center; and

· Includes meditation to help one tap into the subtle energy of whirling wonders within

· Incorporation of the koshas and yoga philosophy throughout

 Investment : $40