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Friday Fun Night: Immerse yourself in Capoeira

Join us for Friday Fun Night July 12th and learn Capoeira from Thiago Nascimento. By donation, no prior experience necessary.

About Capoeira:
Capoeira is a cultural representation that mixes sport, fight, dance, popular culture, music and play. It is characterized by agile and complex movements, where the feet, hands and gymnastic-acrobatic elements are used. It is different from other martial arts as it is accompanied by music.

About Thiago:
Thiago is from Motes Claros in Brazil, in the outback of Minas Gerais. He started practicing capoeira at age 13, he has been practicing the art for more than 20 years and studied to be a teacher under his master Aberre. Thiago has always followed in the footsteps of this master and performed at several cultural festivals all over Brazil, every year he visits Salvador in Bahia, the birthplace of capoeira to visit ancient masters of this Brazilian art. Besides capoeira, Thiago is an ambassador of Brazilian culture in teh forms of Forro, Maracatu, folia de reis, congado mineiro, samba de roda, jongo, maculele, and puxada de rede. Thiago carries all the energy of the traditional people of Brazil and transmits this force to all those around him.

This event is party of our weekly Friday-Fun-Night Series. Every Friday evening join Village Yoga for a different community-based sattvic event. All events are by donation (cash-only) with all proceeds going back into community ♥ Proceeds to PAWS for the month of July!