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The Flower Moon - A long morning sadhana dedicated to the Flower Moon

The Flower Moon 

A long morning sadhana dedicated to the Flower Moon

Investment: $45, please bring a journal and pen

This morning sadhana will include seated meditation, pranayama, asana, yogic-lore & a journalling exercise.  We will embrace the monthly full moon in community and explore the ritual of the moon as a playful way of being present with the universe while simultaneously listening to the fluctuations of our innate inner tidal wisdom.

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Sarah Manwaring-Jones

Sarah integrates the powers of embodiment, silence & creativity as a way to encourage individuals to source from within to find meaning & nourishment in their lives.  Sharing yoga for Sarah is about diving into embodied curiosities and communicating them in the context of an ancient art.  It is about asking questions and unravelling into the sheer presence of this cells & this living nervous system.

‘For me, yoga is a living art.

A creative expression.

A cellular collage of experience.

A process which continually surprises me with the biases of my perception, the edges of my existence. Over and over again, yoga reminds me to let go into infinity.’