The foundation of Village Yoga was set years ago in 2012 when Tadasana Wellness, the first Yoga studio in the Village of Pemberton, first opened. From day one, the space was all about bringing people together and honouring the magic of Pemberton. Over the years, many hands have contributed the space; and over the years, a number of different iterations were tried - first a Yoga studio, then a health food store, and finally back to a Yoga studio. Health and wellness have always been what we’ve been about - but it took us a bit to figure out what that looked like. Village Yoga is the next step for our studio and our community.

As Pemberton has grown and evolved over the years, so has the space. Georgette Metcalfe has been part of Tadasana since the beginning. Georgette has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. She is a life-long learner and is trained and experienced in many different healing modalities. Georgette continues to teach yoga at Village Yoga and offer her services out of the space under Tadasana Wellness.

Tipta at the Tadasana Opening in 2012.

Tipta at the Tadasana Opening in 2012.

The space has since received a facelift and is reopening in 2018 as Village Yoga. In this transition, our goal was to create a space that honours the roots and love of what we originally set out to accomplish, while also welcoming the new and exciting people and projects to ultimately reflect the current diverse and evolving community of Pemberton.

We are dedicated to offering a welcoming and inclusive space for the community to experience yoga and wellness. Our schedule offers a variety of different class styles and paces suitable for first-timers to advanced practitioners.

Thank you to everyone who has dedicated their time and energy to make Village Yoga the special place it is today. We offer a special 2-week intro pass for residents of Pemberton to try unlimited classes at a reduced rate to find the right fit.